truck dilemma

I worked my little six-hour day today, seven if you count the hour lunch that I sat in my truck and read a book.  It was quite warm outside but I sat with the truck door opened and enjoyed both the breeze from the beach and the heat, warming myself up from the air-conditioned office.  Well reading and contemplating what to do with the truck registration.

I got an oil change in the truck last Saturday.  It hadn’t yet gone the 3,000 miles since the one in January in Washington but needed it anyway.  The truck tabs are due in September, so I am deciding, or trying to decide what to do.

Option A) Drive truck back up to WA for the emission test and keep it registered there.

Option B) Re-register the truck here, this could mean if we end up back in Washington at the beginning of the year and then reversing all of that.

Option C) Really this is so far-fetched only winning the lottery would make it possible….buying a used economy car here and getting the truck back up to WA for both registration and a vehicle for when we are up there.

Well there really isn’t an option C, I would love to trade the truck in for something else but there is no money for that.

Most likely I will get it smogged here, and registered.  Then do all that over if/when we end up back in Washington.



2 Responses to “truck dilemma”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Can you get it smog tested there and then still register it in WA? I think California’s requirements are more stringent than ours. There must be some kind of workaround for people who are out of state on long-term, temporary assignments.

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