July 23 (for lack of a better title)

So a really quick post for all those clamoring for more of my wit and riveting writing. ah ha…… The humor portion of this post is now concluded.

This last weekend we drywalled.  Yep, exciting and frustration all at the same time.  Lori was still battling a cough but I am happy to say the jags are down to a few dozen a day.

We started out grocery shopping on Saturday morning, a fun feat with me saying “no” to every other thing because I’m trying to stay in budget or do not approve of some ingredient.  (What a bore I know)  The three different stores I had us going to for different items and or deals I’m sure was a blast for Lori who still weak from the cold had to go sit out part of the adventure in the truck.  (She was back in quickly however)  After we got home and put everything away the never-ending list of things we still have to do and her Summer break is going by quickly got the better of us and we headed out to the garage about 3:00 pm to drywall.  That lasted about four hours and we made good progress on the wall that had all kinds of electrical and water pipes so all kinds of measuring and cutting and re-cutting.

Sunday we finished up.  This was the upper portion from about six feet to the ceiling.  All of this was done with me on a ladder, the ladder on a cabinet.  But it is done!  Except for the mudding, taping, sanding, painting, cleaning, organizing portion that is.

So today (my official 2nd weekend of the week) we are off to the Museum.  More on that later!!!

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