Fair at the O.C.

We drove down to the fair yesterday.  They were not yet open when we got there so we went to a lovely spot for lunch which helped since there isn’t much in fair food worth eating.  Once we got to the fair we walked directly to the livestock to check out the goats, sheep, lambs, pigs, bunnies…..ect.  The goats were so cute and kept climbing up on the railings wanting to be pet.

We then headed into the area where the embroidery, quilting, 4-h and wood working was.  There was some amazing things entered in the fair and it was great to see them with someone who also finds these type of exhibits the reason to go to the fair.

We then found the cakes, I wanted to see the cake decorating entries.  We spent the most time in the photography exhibit.  (As a kid I would enter my photos in the South East Alaska State Fair)

We walked around for several hours and we left pretty exhausted from the crowds and the heat.  It is possible to have a great time at the fair without eating anything or going on any rides!!!

I love this face…..


My favorite cake…..


Amazing sand castle….


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