Road Trip….part one

We were up and on the road by 5:30 on Tuesday for the eight-hour drive up to Concord.  We made it through the morning traffic relatively easy and headed North.  My Aunt Miki phoned a few hours into the drive.  We were in the grapevine so I didn’t have a signal and once we were through and her voicemail came through it was almost 8:00.

She couldn’t go out to lunch.  I could tell on the voicemail that her voice was upset.  Her youngest daughter, my cousin Julie, lives with her.  She suffers from a myriad of things and my aunt is basically raising her eight year old daughter Emma.  Julie had to go the hospital the day before because of pain and Miki couldn’t leave today.

When I first called last week about going up, Miki said it wasn’t a good day because it was the end of the month and she was broke, she couldn’t go out to lunch and she couldn’t offer us anything.  That is when I told her we were taking her out.  She seemed giddy at this and agreed to Tuesday, now she was bummed she couldn’t leave.

We kept driving, Miki phoned back and I told her we were on the road, and would bring lunch to her instead, visiting was the purpose.

We got into Concord about 1:15, found a Safeway and picked up some chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, beans and cornbread and headed to Miki’s.

Julie was in the living room reclined but able to participate some in our visit.  We sat around the dining room table for the next four hours reminiscing, visiting, batting a beach ball back and forth with Emma.

My aunt is tired.  She is seventy-one, raising an eight year old, care taking her youngest daughter, babysitting her great-grand kids.  All three of her kids are on disability of some kind.  Susie and Julie have been on for medical reasons for a while but I just learned that my cousin Andy is as well.

I of course got not one picture of the visit…..  to be continued…


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