Garage Project

Saturday Lori had an all-day seminar.  I was home working on our projects.  I started the day slow, having breakfast and watching the news (this is important later….on second thought not really important but relevant maybe).

I headed out to the garage to sand the mud from last weekends second application.  The plan was to paint at least the wall with the washing machine so I could re-install the sink and do laundry.  We I sanded and sanded and sanded and vacuumed dry wall dust and several hours of that I went into the house for a “break” and get the primer we had picked up.

Well the break did not last long the Vios box was dead.  Nada.  So back out I went and primed the two walls we had drywalled and prepped.  The priming took way longer than it should because of a roller snafu and I ended up brushing most of the paint on the walls, one because there were lots of places a roller wouldn’t fit and the other because the roller was larger than the pan and I would brush it on and then roll it out.  I know none of that is making sense, just know it took Way Too Long.

Once I was finished I planted a bunch of aloe’s that a friend gave us and pulled weeds in the garden.  It was a very long and very full day on Saturday.  Sunday was just as busy….

We painted on Sunday.  Then we hung the shelves that a friend of Lori’s gave her.  Sink re-installed and we did two weeks worth of laundry because the garage was torn apart.  I tell ya, not having a TV for a few days kept us on task when the tired set in and we could have stopped.

Lori re-framed the door yesterday while I was at work.  I had to work again today, but tomorrow more work in the garage and the yard!  At least until it gets to scorching hot.

photo(145)  photo(144)

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