Different kind of work day

As I mentioned my first six weeks of work is only part-time, mostly for training to cover once the maternity leave starts.  This was an invoicing week and an important week of training….however.  The new president (started on the same day I did) is wanting files and boxes cleared out of the office.  There is no real storage at the office and they are currently renting three separate storage units.

This week I ended up working an extra day on Tuesday, in the storage units.  There are two in one building, side by side in fact and I spent the day organizing, cleaning and consolidating.  Then typing up an excel spreadsheet with everything in the unit.

I went back today, dressed for office work, not storage unit work.  Before I even got to my desk I was told I would be moving more files today and working on the adjoining unit that holds tools, equipment, various things like gas masks.  I phoned home and Lori brought me jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt.  (Good thing for me that school has not started yet)

I spent the next six hours moving equipment, consolidating and organizing.  Then going through more boxes and marking those old enough to be destroyed.  Crazy, busy, sweaty day.  No need to go to the gym tonight.

I am dressing for more of the same tomorrow but hoping I get to actually work on the invoicing since this is one of the main duties I will have for the next four months!

Also my part-time status is about to end, either next week or the following I will be an 8-5er with an hour lunch.   The hour lunch is giving me lots of reading time.  Both before work and during lunch I have about 90 free minutes a day and have read a couple of books already.  So much so I have taken to just leaving the book in the truck.

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