Box Tetris

It has been a week of repeated tasks.  The grass is still coming out and I would post more pictures….but its just a bigger and bigger patch of dirt and well…boring photos.

Today I worked in the storage unit again.  This is the third time in a week and I have a full day at a completely different unit tomorrow.  One that looks even worse than the two I’ve been organizing.

Today was gathering all of the boxes that we had deemed “shreddable”.  Because the boxes were all stacked on top of each other and lots of the boxes on the very bottom I had to move every single box more than once; in fact probably more like four times per box.

Off the stack, into another, pulling boxes then re-stacking based on different criteria.  I had so many in the hall when the COO came down to see how it was going he could barely get through.

Once I had the 112 boxes separated I went through them again to remove binder clips and 3-ring binders.  Re-stacked and called it a day.

There looks like so much room in this picture now that all the boxes are stacked up.  There was a serious upper body work today in my physical Tetris game, lifting boxes well above my head.


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