95% there!

I am officially working full-time starting next week.  This week I am working all five days, just not 8 hours each day.   Although with all the box moving at work and then grass removing along with the events of tonight it sure feels like full days of work.

After the drive home I made us dinner and then relaxed for an episode of friends and we then headed out to plant the plants we picked up on Saturday.  Even though they have been watered every day since then some were looking peakid and the chocolate mimosa tree dropped all of its leaves.  It has been crazy hot and that’s why we wanted to plant them in the evening.  Spoiler…..we ran out of light.

We hauled all of the plants out and placed them where they were to be planted.  Then started with the tree and the larger plants.  We still had the swath of Mexican feather grass and swath of Portulacaria Afra (Elephant food)We were soon completely out of light and setting up two small flood lights to finish.  The plants are all in.  They will all need water in the morning, and probably some tweaking.

Tomorrow I will get a better pictures (and perhaps find time to return some phone calls and write a non-project related blog)

photo(152) photo(153) photo(155) photo(154)

One Response to “95% there!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Planting under cover of darkness–stealth gardening. I like it! Oh, and chocolate mimosa? Off to google image that.

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