Distracted Driving

I have been very distracted while driving this last week.  There has been texting and phone calls and makeup, in fact so much lets just put it in list form.

Texting is at the top of the list.  Not just texting at stop lights but while driving down the freeway.
Talking on the phone coupled with wild gesturing.
Applying foundation.
Applying mascara.
Plucking eyebrows.
Eating….so much eating.  Not just fries out of a bag in the passenger seat but one hand holding a styrofoam container while the other hand shoveled food in with a plastic fork….WHILE DRIVING.
Lets throw texting into the list again just for good measure.

There are other things that have been distracting including the directional that was on for several miles and the driver finally decides to act on it as a motorcycle is traveling by in between lanes.
Then there is of course the motorcycles that travel in between lanes, even when the traffic is moving.  I kind of get it when traffic is standing still but seems so dangerous when everyone is actually moving at 60+ miles per hour.

There have been accidents that have been distracting and backed up traffic.
Or the “back up” I sat in for about 20 minutes before getting past it.   To then realize I was just in the wrong lane and I had been stuck behind the In-n-Out burger line that was backed up into the street.

I keep my phone in my purse on the floor and don’t even have a radio in my car.  These distractions are the people driving around me and I am more and more impressed dismayed every day.

We were in the left hand lane of a two lane street this weekend.  The right lane was a “must turn” lane.  There were two cars in the right lane.  They got a light, the first car did not move, just sat there through the light.  The car behind him so busy eating a gyro that he didn’t even notice that the light completely cycled and turned red while the car in front of him did not move.  Of course when our light changed the car in the turn only lane drove right into our now single lane.

These distractions don’t even include all the lane changing, some kind of hokey pokey with the lanes.  Or the guy who slammed on his brakes three times in front of me while only blocks from the house with no one in front of him, I can only imagine he was trying to get me to rear end him.

Its crazy out there people, put your phones and meals away and pay attention to the cars that are applying their brakes while you’re looking at your phone!

One Response to “Distracted Driving”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Amen, sister. Also annoying are the people who need to leave a half mile of space between them and the car in front in 5mph traffic. Just invites rage from behind and hopscotching in front. But the distracted drivers are the worst. Be careful out there!

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