InBox purge

Working full-time both during office hours and off (i.e. home project) hours, I have ignored my inbox.

However, since every email comes through on my phone I can scan through at the end of the day and still feel like I’ve dealt with the emails but in reality the were completely backed up.

I deleted 3 dozen Groupon emails……I thought I had unsubscribed to these but after buying the groupon for spin class they are just multiplying all over the place.  Deleted also were various emails from DSW, Zappos and Michaels.  I am sure they all contained great deals, deals that probably have expired and I can’t afford anything anyway!

What I still haven’t dealt with is the 30 year high school reunion invite.  It is in October and what I want to reply is something on the lines of “are you crazy,” or “do you think I’m crazy,” perhaps “you were all horrible why would I want to pay to have dinner with you.”  When I printed off the form I just checked the box they had there for “not interested”  It seemed less “high school” then my other reactions.

I answered only one of the four emails from my friend Linda.  I did not answer two calendar invites for Skype chats.

I marked the Puget Sound Energy bill in the ‘to pay’ folder, it is due on the 8th and payday is the 6th!!!  Woot.

I also scanned 10 of the 60 emails from  All the preseason updates, injury reports, trades, and yesterday’s cuts but just deleted the old ones because, well irrelevant by now.

Oh look, before I can hit publish….another email from NFL, this one for Priority Seahawks Seaspm Tickets.  Let the email landslide begin.

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