Jazz and Football, sorta

Thursday night was the opening of football.  Denver Broncos were playing the Baltimore Ravens.  Being that the Broncos are my brother Dales team I sent out the “Go Bronco’s” text to him before the game.  I found out he had to work so I spent the game sending him updates.  Really just scoring highlights but it was fun!

This lead to Sunday when Lori and I were heading to West Hollywood for a Jazz Brunch and Dale found out I did not get the Hawks game.  So in return he sent me highlights.  Boy was he thorough.  It was nearly a play by play blow of the game and then he followed up with the Serena and Azarenka match.  It was almost like watching with him.  Quite fun.

I caught up on my brothers play by play during the set break at Don’t tell Mama.  Lori has been a long time fan/friend of Jennifer Leitham and found out she just started this Sunday brunch series.  Yesterday she played, not with her band but with Rickey Woodard on tenor sax, John Campbell on piano and Roy McCurdy on the drums.

It was an amazing show, impromptu you could kind of tell.  These musicians don’t usually play together but each was amazing in their own right and together it was something else.  I could go on an on about each one, trying to figure out who was my favorite.  But they really were all amazing and it was a fantastic show.

We were there before 11:00 and had a fantastic table.  We ordered beverages and brunch.  The coffee, ice tea and bloody marys got there just as the set started and our food followed.  During the show more and more people arrived so that by the time they took a break for the second set there wasn’t a seat in the place.

Besides checking my phone during the break for the football updates we chatted with those around us, lots of jazz fans and scoop on other shows in the area.  We then headed out into the mid afternoon.  Toured around West Hollywood for a bit and then to buy baking ingredients.   We got home just in time to catch the Sunday night game that the Giants didn’t bother to show up for.

It wasn’t quite as hot, just getting up to 90 instead of the near 100 for the last week, all in all a perfect Sunday.

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2 Responses to “Jazz and Football, sorta”

  1. canyon cottage Says:

    Sounds like fun, Jazz and brunch go together, there is a place in Pasadena that does Jazz brunch too.

  2. Strange Days | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] Jazz and Football, sorta […]

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