Strange Days

Sunday was fabulous and glorious and I’ve covered all that here!

Since then however, boy oh boy.

I will start with Monday morning; I got into work and the HR rep was already there (unusual) and was in her cube (which just happens to be two away from mine) going over all of her job duties and where files are kept, payroll info, benefit info.  She was also clearly not talking to anyone else as she came in and out of the cube for the entire morning.

She did finally talk to me when she swung by my desk and dropped off cake plates, table clothes and a diaper cake she had made for Marissa.

Then came the email about an “all-hands” meeting at 1:00.   In this meeting we were told of some changes being made.  HR Rep was gone and some of the functions were changing over to outsourced HR (hence all the talk in the morning.)  Also leaving soon would be the COO.

I went home and baked until 11:00 pm because Tuesday we were having an office celebration for Marissa.  When I drove the 16 dozen deserts in I hadn’t even gotten them all out of my truck when I was told she had gone to the hospital  “surprise” is an understatement.

So they had the celebration without her and the deserts were a hit but in the office it was still kind of awkward and during the day a few things came up that Marissa was working on that I got to figure out.

Tuesday I get in and sure enough she had the baby, almost three weeks early.  Just Monday she was saying she can’t have the baby yet there was still so much to show me.  So as people come looking for their documents or project information I am scouring the shared drive trying to find a clue as to what is needed.

The rest of the week was just hard.  Hurt feelings and insecure employees.  The COO who has put years into building the company was completely blindsided and he is still there turning things to the new regime they are bringing in.   It was uncomfortable and a very tough week.



2 Responses to “Strange Days”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Yeegh! Hang in there. Corporate life is the pits.

  2. canyon cottage Says:

    Geee, thats tough. You need to hang in there. It can get better.

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