absentee blogger

I have survived the first week flying solo at this job.  Things are starting to become clearer as I actually get to do the work instead of just shadowing someone.  I have been able to figure most everything out, which just means more and more project managers are coming to me for support.  But the work days are flying by.

You would think with my lack of blogging that I have nothing to talk about, when in fact I have lots of nonsense to ramble about, just I haven’t found time to get any of it onto the keyboard.

Currently I should be finishing up a baby blanket I am making.  Just one of the projects going on around here.  Also we are making progress on the shed roof.  We started on the roof last Sunday but it was so darn hot.  We got the barrier paper up and the flashing but only about a quarter of the shingles.   Saturday afternoon when Lori gets home from class there should be more progress on this and some final pictures.

We didn’t work on the roof Saturday afternoon because we went out with friends for dinner and to see Wanda Sykes.  The show was very funny.  It was good to laugh hard and deep.  It clearly wasn’t rehearsed as parts of it she paced and seemed kind of lost.  Although I found just how much fun she made of her family, made me a little uncomfortable, but damn she is funny.

There is currently a shade structure project that is half done and who knows maybe a blog to follow, at least photos.

I would blog about the four days it took to get my truck registered, but tomorrow is day four and I don’t want to jinx the outcome.

So to round up this pointless piece of writing crap…..who am I kidding, I got nothing to wrap this up…………….

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