Just call me Alex*

Getting ready for work this morning I was saying bye to Lori and making my oatmeal.

I started to put on my makeup when I remembered the oatmeal and went and turned it off.  I Ate breakfast while making my lunch.  Cleaned up the dishes and off to work I went.

It is almost noon and I just went to the bathroom for the first time (its been busy).  I only had  mascara on one eye!!!!!!!

I don’t have any with me.  Heck it was time to buy new anyway, I guess I’ll be going to the drug store at lunch.

*Not the psycho part from clockwork orange, just the one eye makeup part.
(On second thought just call me spacey.)

2 Responses to “Just call me Alex*”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I love this.

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