We finished the shed on Saturday.  All that was left was the roof and we had a good start from the previous week.  It went much quicker, mostly because it was only 84 degrees and so much easier to work. I held the ladder mostly and retrieved shingles for Lori who put them all on except the crown when I scampered up mostly because I wanted in on the fun.   We also finished the locking mechanism and even got a pad lock on there.  Now next weekend we can move all the tools, paint, tiling materials and whatnot from the garage and organize it all in the shed.  Then that leaves the garage to finish up.

photo(181) photo(182)

Another project we have been working on and is more or less finished is this “shade structure”.   It belonged to a friend and she didn’t want to keep it as it needed a new cover and it being a really strange size (13 x 13) she couldn’t find one.  we went to her place about a month ago, took it apart and lugged it home.  I painted the top part and bought shade fabric from the garden center.  Sewing the fabric on was tricking and it looks a little hokey.  But hey it’s on there.

Of course when I was measuring the fabric to cut it and the first side was way too long I measured the actual frame and it is 12 x 12, a standard size that you can easily buy replacement covers for.  Lori was right when she wanted to measure the darn thing but since this was the reason it was being given away I was sure it had been measured right.  Needless to say we could have bought a cover for it.

We got the darn thing up and have finished painting it.  Watch for an upcoming project where we are going to build a deck out of discarded pallets (or perhaps pallets we purchase) and silly string.


I also finished a baby blanket just in time for the actual due date of the baby who came two weeks early.  It is at work and waiting for it to be picked up or perhaps when one of her friends from work goes by to see them they will take it.  I doubt she wants to stop in the office.  The madness continues including my changing desks to an entirely different part of the office today.  This included removing a lot of the hardware and supplies from her desk that I will need.  It is a strange place to be right now, however the paychecks clear my account so I am still counting blessings.


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