Brrrring Brrrring

My phone does not ring.  Or rather, my phone rarely rings. A lot of my friends follow what is going on with me by reading my blog and that removes the need to call and check in.  Granted I get replys to the blog in my email on almost every post from some friends who subscribe, that along with texting and Skype keeps me in the know with friends and family.  But like I stated, my phone doesn’t really ring.

Since the beginning of September it has actually rung six times (I just checked the call log) Taylor, Vivian, Debi, Debi, Amber and…… this morning Lori was leaving and I got in the shower, when I turned off the water and heard my phone ringing I panicked and made a dash for it because something had to be wrong, I mean the phone was ringing.  I didn’t even get to the phone before I saw Lori, standing outside the door calling me, she had her class keys with her but her house and truck keys were hanging inside the door.

This leads to the next call this afternoon.  I was at my desk and the phone started ringing, I looked and saw it was my friend Linda and answered the phone not with a “hello” but with a “whats wrong.”

I had been thinking of  our friend Suzanne this morning and had started a draft email to Linda in part to ask how she was doing.  Linda was calling to say she had passed away this morning.   So sad, she had just retired earlier this year and I know she was in the hospital earlier this year as Linda and my Piazza friends had kept me informed.  I knew Suzanne had been out  of the hospital but I guess it was too much.

Lets hope my phone goes back to not ringing.  RIP Suzanne.


One Response to “Brrrring Brrrring”

  1. Katherine Says:

    So sorry dear. Suzanne was one of the market ladies?

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