Oh and it rained

Its Friday Its Friday….  (don’t get that dumb song stuck in your head.)  In fact don’t even follow the link.

I however have it stuck in my head going around and around and I don’t even really know it.

Its been quite a week.  The COO’s last day was yesterday.  The new guy taking over had less than a months training to learn everything it took seven years of building the company to learn.  I don’t see this going very smoothly for the next couple months.

The receptionist and the person who does the other half of the invoices (besides me) has been out the last three days.   And yes we were invoicing this week.   She is thirty-one, a very aggressive little taurus who ended up in the hospital Tuesday night because of her blood pressure.  She is not doing well, the increased stress of this job has had an impact on not only her mood and frustration but her blood pressure as well.

Needless to say its been a very busy week for me and I got that dumb song stuck in my head when I walked in and said “Yea It’s Friday” to co-workers who then keyed it up on the computer and insisted we listen and dance.   (I guess that’s how its done here when we are in thirty minutes early)

pmpI have been spending what lunch breaks I’ve taken this week reading a book on preparing for the PMP certification.  The book is strangely comforting.  Maybe because so many of the concepts are ingrained from working as a project manager for a couple of decades.  Right now I’m working on just getting through the book, taking the sample tests and quizzes that  I can.  Once I am comfortable with that I will sign up for a class to get the “school hours in” and then register to take the test.

On Wednesday I was so completely engrossed in the book during lunch I was actually late getting back.  There I was sitting outside of work completely enjoying my reading and the RAIN!!!  Yes the first little drizzle in months.  Everyone was scurrying around and traffic was a joke but I was complete content listening to it plink on the windshield.  Its gone already but sure was fun watching everyone freak out for the day.

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