nary a (wheat) grain

I have been avoiding wheat all year.  With great results in several areas but the most significant is lack of pain!

I no longer eat bread, pasta, bagels, pita, tortillas (except corn) anything in the english muffin-corn bread-rolls-cookie-cake-pie crust family.  Also most cereal and crackers along with a bunch of products that include wheat for thickening reasons.  Nothing breaded, no sandwiches unless they are in a lettuce wrap.

Last night we went to dinner, a lovely splurge.  I ordered salmon and since the rice pilaf often has pasta in it I had the baked potato instead.  I then ate around the croutons on my salad leaving a little pile of them on the plate.   The veggies with my entrée were plentiful and very fresh, as always I ate those first.  But somewhere when ordering the salmon with a yummy lemon, butter and caper sauce I made no connection to wheat until about two hours later.

I spent the entire night so very uncomfortable, turning like a rotisserie chicken all night long trying to get comfortable and get some sleep.  This is when I went through everything I ate during the day.  The usual oatmeal for breakfast, apple and almond butter at lunch, grapes for a snack and then dinner.  The sauce, it was a white sauce, it was made with flour, how did I not see that when it was put down.  It was very yummy, but I didn’t make the connection until I was in pain.

At least it is only temporary.  Everything is all digested and the pain is done, a little lingering discomfort is all.  But it is a great deterrent to eating wheat or anything breaded.

Once a week bagels and cream cheese are brought into the office for breakfast.  I start every morning of the week making oatmeal at home so I just smell the toasted bagels and they smell so good.   No burgers or sandwiches for me at lunch.  The closest food to work is a sub shop.  My “typical” lunch runs me about $1.50 to $1.75 and averages 500 calories.  I got this cute little lunch box and took this first picture because the red of the strawberries and mini cheese looked pretty next to the kiwi.  Then it has just become a series.  So to wrap up this post here a few of my lunches from the last month.  As you can see there is a common theme, apple, veggie slices or tomatoes, fruit, cheese or nut butter and of course green olives.  Very portable and nothing needs refrigeration or silverware for that matter!

photo(196) photo(199)  photo(204) photo(205)  photo(209)photo(198) photo(208)

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