End of week shindigs

Saturday morning I heading over to Lakewood to hook up with Jan and go to a native plant sale at the El Dorado Nature Center.  She had a pre-sale pass and we got in before the general public.  This wasn’t a huge sale and didn’t take us all that long to go through every table and pick our few treasures.

We then headed over to her office for an errand that took all of thirty seconds and then to breakfast two doors away.  All of this information because as we were sitting there I looked across the street and realized there was new “art”.  I could see this really cool spider photo(223) so we headed over after breakfast to take more pictures and we ran into her friend who actually makes these fun things.  He was busy applying Thompson Water Shield to an ostrich he was taking to the beach.  These animals and creations are not only around his apartment building but he has some installed on the bike trail, some at the beach, the fire station and other places.

A few have been stolen but the artist doesn’t seem to care, they are just fun to make and an outlet for his creativity.

New this week was a penguin and a dog along with a few other things and the ostrich he was working on.

photo(220) After leaving I got an oil change and fixed the tail light on my truck.  It had just burned out on the way home Friday night as I could tell from the quick paced “blinkerblinkerblinkerblinker” when put the signal on.  Granted turn signals seem to be optional equipment down here I still went to O’Reilly’s down the street and bought a light and got it all changed.

When I finally got home from all these errands Lori had also just arrived and had a text from her friend Janet.  She is in town with her son for a vacation trip to Disney Land.  We got back in the truck and headed down to Anaheim to meet them for dinner.

It was a very full day by the time we got home,  with zero time spent at the house for any of the projects or chores getting done.  But hey there is Sunday for that right……..

Well we slept in, and by slept in I really mean it.  Usually even on the weekend when there is no alarm we are usually out of bed pretty early.  But we were tired and did not get out of bed until after 10:00 a.m.  Crazy!!  After making breakfast we decided to head back to the El Dorado Nature Center that Jan and I were yesterday and go for a walk.

We did the two-mile loop and it was very lovely.  A Coopers Hawk flew right by and landed on a branch above us but I couldn’t get a picture.  I did get lots of shots of the turtles and ducks and just the surroundings.

photo(229) photo(228) photo(227) photo(226)

photo(225)By the time we got home and I cooked a pot of beans I had been soaking and made dinner I still got none of my chores done.  Oh Well, it was a fun weekend and the chores all waited and I’m sure will still be there when I get to them.

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