Ninjas princesses spiderman

Our neighborhood has been one big polyester spider web for a month now.  The Halloween decorations went up at the beginning of the month and there seem to be more houses with these polyester spider webs than without.  Also adorning the neighborhood are tomb stones, pumpkins, skeletons, bats and spiders.

I love handing out candy each year.  I always keep a list of the trick or treaters costumes and I talk to each one and have them tell me the costume if I don’t “get it” right away.

This years trick-or-treaters were fantastic, the most creative costume to a young man who made his costume.  He was a mouse and had a huge mouse head that the eyes lit up.  It was so big that his face looked right out of the mouth.  There were lots of princesses and spiderman costumes, six of each in fact.  The first two that knocked on the door were quite early.  I was cooking dinner and answered to thing one and thing two.  They were pre-teen boys, I’m guessing ten and twelve.  I asked what the costumes were and the older boy says “I’m thing 1 I don’t know what he is” pointing at his brother.  Just the brotherly jab and quick thinking I knew it would be a fun night.

I had ninjas, zombies, witches, cheerleaders, Harry Potter, fire(wo)men, pirates, a prom girl, the joker, ET, an army dude, Ironman, Wolverine, a couple different Minnie mouse costumes.  One cute little Minnie mouse that made my ovaries ache.  Oh and so much more, about 65 in all, assuming I caught all the costumes on my list.

There are also the parents trick-or-treating for kids so small they are in strollers and one drunk grandpa who was with a cute spiderman.  It is easier to just give them the 12 cent piece of candy and have them move along then risk any egging, tp-ing, broken plants or anything else.  At least the young spiderman also had not drunk grown ups accompanying him as well, they were just on the curb.

The yard was tricky for trick-or-treaters.  I blocked one side with streamers from the house to the sidewalk because there are a lot of cactus on that side and we didn’t want them coming in from there.  But some of the kids came up through the stepping-stones instead of the driveway.  As I left this morning I took a quick look around and didn’t see any major damage.

A side note fun fact.  I learned this week that my friend Linda who is a retired school teacher has they kids tell her a joke to get the treat.  Or the older kids she makes do times tables for 9 or something.  I started out trying to do something like that but it didn’t really work.  One poor young girl who was a cheerleader I asked who her favorite team was and she was confused, so I said ok what about your favorite color.  After a confused look she said “Blue”.  So except for asking about costumes I didn’t venture too far out.

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