November brings a couple of things for one is “Movember”

Movember is a movement established to raise awareness on men’s health issues including prostate and testicular cancers as well as mental health.

There are no real rules to follow except for the month of November,  no shaving of the moustache is allowed.  When asked about your newly adorned face take the opportunity to share why you are growing a moustache and let people know how they can help.

Here is where you can sign up to participate or make a donation.

Now I don’t think avoiding plucking my chin hairs that can appear seemingly overnight and immediately are at a length that one wonders how I could have missed it would make the same effect.

Another is NaBloPoMo “National blog posting month”  which I have participated in the last couple of years and am again this year.  So I will post a blog every day for he month of November.   I can’t guarantee all will be substance filled and most if not all will have a spelling and/or grammatical error.  I mean I do have standards to maintain.

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