Daylight moving

Really, it’s not “saving” any day light but instead moving it from a well lit commute at night to a better lit commute in the morning.  “Daylight Savings Time” ended last night, with the annual reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.  My brother Dale took care of all of the smoke alarms in the Seattle house last month (thanks bro) and we actually have none in this little house. (I know, I know)

After a long day working in the yard yesterday we were in bed at our usual 9:30ish so at 5:30 this morning (instead of 6:30 because of daylight savings) I was wide awake and out of bed.  Kind of apropos since Ben Franklin first introduced the idea of Daylight Savings and he is also famous for the notion of “early to bed early to rise.  In fact we had breakfast and took a two-mile walk and were still back home before 9:00 a.m.  We then got more yard work done before packing up some football snacks and heading over to a friend’s house.  Lori took work with her but it never left the truck.  We all had lunch and sat visiting while I go a pretty good job lead.  I thought I would be able to see the SeaHawks game but that wasn’t the case, it was not showing.  Luckily for twitter and Taylor texting me updates I know we (barely) won in overtime.

Since Lori is grading midterms and I’m rambling about daylight savings here is another fun fact I learned about the time change.  The time change can trigger cluster headaches.  Since most of my migraines have come in the fall I clicked and read the article but I can’t find it right now to cite my source.

I hope you all enjoyed your “extra” or reclaimed hour.  It is almost 8:00 but feels like 9:00 of course; I’ll be heading to bed soon.


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