Skin, care.

I have been opposed to sunscreen for as long as people have been telling me I have to wear it.  After several discussions about it I did my own research and decided that the octyl methoxycinnamate, benzophenone, octocrylene and other chemicals compounds that produce parabens were not something I was comfortable putting on my skin so I just quietly go traipsing around in the sun and don’t make it common knowledge.

I also don’t wear makeup foundation and most moisturizers for this same reason.  These were all easy to grasp as I knew what I was opposed to. However I never knew exactly what my aversion to hand sanitizers were, just a gut ‘this isn’t good for me feeling’.  I don’t like them and rarely ever use them when offered.  The only time I do is if I am visiting someone in a hospital and that is for their benefit but I would still rather just wash my hands.

Recently I read a report regarding the NON-Alcohol type hand sanitizers that use triclosan as the disinfectant.  What bothered me the most was that triclosan can disrupt the endocrine system and amplify testosterone.  It is still in  animal studies but it found to reduced muscle strength and may also harm the immune system.  Perhaps this is what my ‘gut’ was feeling.

Now this report said the alcohol types are better then spreading a virus but still its better to wash your hands.  But today, which prompted this post, I read there were recently two dealths in Canada contributed to hand sanitizer.  Granted these were because the “wrong” kind of alcohol was in the formula and not the ethyl that was listed on the label.

Pass me the soap!  I am of the mindset if I don’t want it in my blood stream, there is no reason to slather it on the my bodies largest organ!

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