Change of Heart

Seattle, Renton, Des Moines, Federal Way and surrounding areas are full of red light cameras.  I didn’t really ever mind them because I’m not wasn’t a yellow light runner.  The argument from the state was they would make intersections safer.  The opponents argued that it was just a revenue stream.  Hey revenue is a good thing.

There are no red light calendars here in Southern California.  The lights are loooong and there are several cars that go through the yellow and full on red lights every time.  There are a few yellow lights that I have gone through thinking, Ok that one I should have stopped for, only to have two to three cars follow me through.

A few days ago I was leaving work.  I pulled out of the parking lot so I was not moving very fast and the light was yellow.  I stopped at the red light and a car coming up behind me changed lanes, going around me and through the now solid red light.  It was t-boned by the car coming through the intersection who had already traveled across four lanes before the car entered the intersection.

If I was nonchalant about red light cameras before, I am all for them now!

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