Type D

Have you ever heard of Type D personality?  I had not.

But because Brock is STILL having troubles with his red blood cell count, thyroid and other issues, I have been doing a lot of reading lately on fascinating things like erythroppietin, lactate dehydrogenase, leakocyte alkaline phosphate, polyethemia and other hard to spell impossible to pronounce things.

But today I found an article from 2010 on Type D personalities and heart issues.  I didn’t even know there was a type D and it was defined in the 1990s.  Just checked…what do you know there is a wikipedia page on it even.

Now we have all heard of Type A and type B, I even have heard of Type C which I believe is an introverted polar opposite of type A.  But now Type D…what else am I missing.  Is there a type F or M???  What type am I?  I’m going with type “L” (its a Lopez thing). Better yet, what type are you?

A= Ambitious
B= Laid Back (some say lazy)
C= Introverted (?)  guessing, there is not a handy wikipedia page to link to.
D= Distressed

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