Ten Months

As the holidays are approaching I am feeling both sentimental and thankful.  Yes part of it is PMS.  What.

Some days it feels like I just got here, there is still so much to do and see and it all still has that new package feel.  Then the conversation of Thanksgiving comes up and it feels as though I have been here far more than ten (9 and a half technically) months.

I have a job, one that is weird but the paycheck keeps showing up in my account.  One that could also end at any moment, literally, if the maternity leave ends early.  I have no benefits nor do I have any time off for the previously mentioned holidays but I don’t really want the job to end just so I could go North for the holiday…..but that would be great too.

As Thanksgiving plans are being made by family members and I told everyone we would not be there some pangs of homesickness (again magnified by hormones) set in.

I am not sure yet what we will do on Thanksgiving, I am so used to cooking for a crowd and having a house full of noise and chaos.  This will prove to be a much quieter holiday.  There are a few invitations floating around, but the talk of a drive up the coast or just a dinner out are also bouncing around.


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