Snap, just like that the weekend is over.  Saturday flew by.  I spent the morning cleaning house and waiting on a delivery that never showed up.  While Lori was at school I got a text from friends wanting to meet for dinner so by the time she got home I had us booked for the evening.

Then today we were running an errand to Orange to a garden store to look for some wrought iron pieces and were invited to a small get together at different friends.  It was a small gathering and quite a fun visit.  We hung out for a couple of hours visiting before heading home.

Since I had booked up all of our ‘off’ hours this weekend its a great thing Lori has tomorrow off.  She can then grade papers and prepare her lectures for the week as I don’t have Veterans day off and she does.

Now we also have a few more projects to tackle, we picked up some panels today to put in a fence corner.  Certainly not a keep out or keep in type of fence, but a corner to define the space.  We need to pick up a bag of concrete but we should be able to finish this one quickly.

Since we will be staying in over the Thanksgiving weekend, perhaps we will work on this or one of the other projects we have in the works.

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