Highs and Lows

Today I heard from the woman I am covering maternity leave for.  She confirmed she intends to stay out until the first of the year.  So “Yea” I will have job through the year and cover January’s mortgage without trouble.  Also, “Boo” there is no way I’ll make it home for Christmas as the only day I have off that week is Wednesday.

The company is trying to work out a job for me at the end of this assignment and again I am glad but will not be to terribly disappointed if it doesn’t turn out.  It would be some kind of billing manager, combining the billing duties that are split up between several overworked admins and have it centrally located.  The good part of that is I already know the job and if the full-time teaching job doesn’t come through it would be one easy to walk away from.

The full-time teaching job is taunting.  The argument was made and given to the board (along with pitches from other departments)  IF jobs are approved the one she would apply for is second on the list.  So first they have to approve any, then at least two, then she would get to apply – of course along with many others.

There is just no easy answer so it is one day at a time!  The first answer of ‘if any are approved’ will be known by the end of November so we will then go from there.

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