Design Flaws (Hyperbole)

Who designed the baby stroller?   I can see its usefulness,  being able to push the wee one around and all of its gear.  The wee one  who walks oh so slow with its short little legs and stops for every bug or scrap of paper.  Also getting worn out quickly and demanding “up, up, UuuuP.”

But they also seem to double as a traffic limpness test.  Pushing the stroller out off the curb first.   Sometimes to peer around parked cars sometimes it seems just to dare the oncoming traffic to stop.  It just seems as though the design of putting the vulnerable into the line of traffic first was not well thought out.

Another thing I noticed lately is the turn signals on cars…sinse they are never used I’m thinking it must also be a design flaw.  I mean you have to put down whatever is in your hand to be able to click it on.  Say for instance someone is texting, they are already using both hands on the phone and sometimes steering with a knee so perhaps a signal that can be triggered with the knuckle mid wheel or perhaps a foot trigger like the old high beam lights would increase the usage.

Then again perhaps the newer cars have a signal that comes on right as the turn is being made….some might say a little to late.  Not sure if it is newer cars or perhaps just luxury cars with the feature.  I’ll have to watch on my way home and try to figure out the demographic on this phenomenon.

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