Yesterday after work I went to an olive oil tasting with my friend Jan.  The class was at a local store and included both history, health benefits and definitions of different varieties of olive oil.  I knew quite a bit about olive oil but still learned a lot and had a good time.

One of the facts that I found interesting is that a one tree only makes about three bottles of olive oil.  Three.  So a thousand tree orchard is considered a hobby.

We had three oils and three balsamic vinegars set up for tasting when we got there.  One of the oils had a polyphenol count of 645, it was very peppery and what I described as green.  This was not my favorite but Jan got this one just to have a tablespoon every day for those polyphenos.  After the class we could taste as many of the oils and vinegars as we wanted.  I tried a few of the vinegars and oils but not to much because until I brushed my teeth my mouth was still fully coated with oil.

I left there with a free bottle of olive oil, a bottle of vinegar I bought, a bunch of pairing and recipe ideas and a couple hundred calories added to my count for the day.  Oh and two books I bought as well one is Extra Virginity and The Pink Ribbon Diet…..what can I say its hard to say no to a good book, or good oil and vinegar for that matter.

photo(231) photo(232)

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