Deck Post 2 of 3

This morning after breakfast we started in on the deck.  First spreading out the two loads of gravel we unloaded into piles last night.  We got the gravel level and then placed the pallets in rows.  Strapping them together and then nailing them so they stayed pretty much in place.  The pallets are for a little height to get the deck off the ground and have something to screw the plywood to.

The plywood is the main support for the structure.  We headed to Home Depot and bought the lumber.  Got it unloaded and screwed down.  A quick deck paint and now once it is dry we will able to move the canopy frame back and screw it down.  All that will be left is framing the outside.

It was a beautiful day and the work went pretty quick.  Even with a break for lunch we were still done and cleaned up by 4 in the afternoon.  The next challenge will be getting the frame back in place.  Since we both have to be home and it has to be light outside it may not happen until next weekend.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

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