Change as in “The”

There is a young woman at work who has more hot flashes than me.  She is only 31 but every day, all day, is having these hot flashes.  She was asking me (clearly old enough to have menopause answers) questions regarding them.  Her doctor has done some hormone panels and doesn’t think its menopause yet.

Another woman heard us and asked me a question about her skin relating to menopause.  PEOPLE>>>>>I’m not there yet.  But I digress, I answered her and said that my first “symptom” if you will was the changes to my skin.  I did not give her the responses I got when asking which was a hearty “You Just Wait”  like I was joining some tortuous club, and they were happy for my new-found misery.   I’m sure the acknowledgment of another inductee or that feeling of “not being alone in the misery” was more of the intent but it still felt icky.

Instead I answered from my own experience (weep) that yes that was in fact one of the symptoms of peri-menopause, and yes that the un-ending desire to eat everything was another symptom and why yes weight around the middle and yes in fact all of those horror stories you’re asking about are true.

Since they are both years away compared to me I did not elaborate much except to answer their questions.  I mean why burden them with the emotional and physical rollercoaster now, they will get there in due time.

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