Calligraphy Class

Today I got a comment on my blog regarding cursive writing from a couple of days ago, it was a doozy.  It made me think of calligraphy, probably because the woman mentions italic script.  Needless to say I thought about the calligraphy class my mom and I took and thought hey that’s a good story I could blog about that followed by wait, have I already blogged about that?

That sent me down the archives rabbit hole and can I just say I have written a lot of stuff on here and some of it is good.  Not every post by any account there are far to many weekend recaps and hoo-boy what do I blog about now.  But it was fun to see the Berlin Wall post and Thanksgiving posts with the whole wild crazy family.  I was focusing mainly on the memories category. But I did not find was a post about the calligraphy class.

I started the story, right here under this very paragraph and I knew I had written it before.  This time instead of searching inside the blog I turned to good ol’ Google and found it.  Right here buried in a belly dancing post.

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