My Grandma

We grew up with my Grandmma Jennie.  If it wasn’t us living with her, she was living with us.  So many of her eloquent sayings still live with me.  Today when someone was complaining about the rain and getting wet, nearly out of my mouth came one of her quotes.

Here are a few of her gems, there are so many more.

UK = Us Kids;  GJ = Gramma Jennie

GJ “Go outside and play”
UK “But its raining”
GJ “You’re not sugar, you wont melt”

UK “Do we have to watch the news”
GJ “Nope, you’re free to leave”

UK “I’m hungry”
GJ “Hi Hungry I’m Jennie, glad to meet you”
(This was the reply for “tired” “hungry” “bored”…..except of course when her response to bored was)

UK “I’m bored”
GJ “Only boring people get bored”


UK “I’m bored”
GJ “Go clean the bathroom”   of course we then didn’t have an option.

She was funny and sarcastic and when I was about eight I came back with a zinger to one of her comments, right in par with the family sarcasm.  She came back with something just as clever and being eight I got my feelings hurt.  That’s when she explained to me that I was quick and clever and if I wanted to dish it out I had to be able to take it.  So I thought about it for a few days and then I told her “I was in.”

3 Responses to “My Grandma”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Much fun to read. I want to be a GJ like that.

  2. Amber Says:

    Awe I miss Gramma Jennie.. It’s funny you spelled it that way, because that is how everyone has always said it haha. Makes me wonder if most kids call their Grandma …. Gramma hahah.

  3. Della Says:

    First a smile, then a tear. I miss her, and that life.

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