Spyder, a year later

Its been a year since the fateful night that Spyder was hit by a car.  Tonight while texting with my brother through the football game I asked him to send me a picture.

Here is the little guy.  He is doing remarkably well a year later.  He still has heart trouble that he had before the event.  But he is moving better and has his voice back.


Much much better than last years photo at this time!


One Response to “Spyder, a year later”

  1. sadi Says:

    he’s looking great Val. Poor lil dude what a year he’s had. the healthy Spyder reminds me of Ren – they appear to be similar size and build. Ren has a new name……. He came for a repeat sleep over and I said “oh great, here’s Ren again” well you can imagine the new name he acquired on the spot is “Renagain” there are many many rhymes that can be made with Renagain…… Especially on our walks. He managed to pee on 12 trees between our house and the corner……..so he is now Renagain, peeagain……….treeagain etc………. what a delightful litttle weirdo he is.

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