Breaking bread, sans bread

Thanksgiving is going to be a “low-key” affair.  Or that is the term being tossed back and forth in emails and phone calls.

We are having dinner at our friends Deb and Jan’s home.  It will only be the four of us for dinner and then another couple coming by for dessert.

I am cooking parts of the meal and taking it with us and the hosts are cooking the other parts, it looks pretty easy.
Hosts:  Grilling salmon, making mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, cranberry mold and dessert.
Us:  Turkey breast, stuffing and brussels sprouts.

Here is the ‘not low-key’ portion.

The hosts are both pescatarians.  One of them also can not have dairy.  Lori can not eat chocolate (which isn’t too hard on Thanksgiving but so horrific its worth mentioning).  She also does not like soggy food, like bread pudding, cobbler but more importantly for this holiday…stuffing.  Then there is my new, fun, no wheat flour issue.

It is playing out like this; Lori and I want turkey, so I am cooking just a breast. We will take it over for dinner and then bring it back home.  I am making a wild rice and mushroom stuffing which eliminates the wheat and soggy bread issues.  However one of the hosts isn’t a fan of vegetable stock because it is to oniony and chicken stock is not an option so I’ll be making my own vegetable stock to use.

Hosts are making mashed potatoes without dairy…which I don’t even know how that is possible.  The discussion about gravy has been going round and round.  No turkey drippings or chicken stock, dislike of vegetable stock and no flour to thicken it are just some of the issues.  I think at this point I have everything to make a mushroom gravy using corn starch as a thickener and Deb is still planning on doing one using potato starch.

They insist on doing the desserts because they have guests coming for dessert.  They are planning a gluten-free something for me.  I will be making a sweet potato pie that will be left at home for Lori.  Also being left at home will be mashed potatoes that have the requisite sour cream and butter along with cranberry sauce we are making that is a spicy variety instead of a sweet variety.

Tonight I boiled the sweet potatoes so I can make the pie tomorrow night while I’m making the cranberry sauce and veggie stock.  So far it actually does feel pretty low-key.

2 Responses to “Breaking bread, sans bread”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hysterical, and so relatable, as I made goat milk ice cream to take with me and my mom routinely now makes the potatoes with goat’s milk (although I think she still uses cow’s milk in her rolls). Hope it’s lovely for everyone.

  2. Wrapping up November | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] Breaking bread, sans bread […]

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