Wrapping up November

This morning I made an apple and persimmon pie. (Taylor if I could ship you a piece I would, I know how you love persimmons)

photo(245)  photo(246)  photo(247)

We then took the pie to Lori’s God Daughters family and had lunch.  We played scrabble and visited for the afternoon.

Before leaving we also managed to hang some big blue ornaments outside and blue lights in the window.  By now you must realize we went with a blue theme.


Lori primed the wall in the garage before we left but by the time we got home neither of us had the energy to paint the garage.  We are meeting our friend Kathi for brunch tomorrow but since we are both such early birds I bet we can get a lot painted before we meet up with her at 11:30.

On a completely different note.  Linda sent me this hilarious youtube video in response to this post.


2 Responses to “Wrapping up November”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Oooooo That sounds so good! I can’t wait to try it someday!

  2. sadi Says:

    I must say sweetie if it tastes even e teeny weeny bit as good as it looks I’d have to eat the whole thing. But knowing the kind of baker you are I know I’d be gobbbling down

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