I love lists.  However what I am loving about this particular featured list is that I haven’t really looked at is since Lori emailed it to me at the end of January.  We were getting our heads around the projects for the year when she was typing it.  Here is the original as emailed list….. Oh with the exception of I crossed off everything we got done in the last ten months.

Actually this last weekend we finished the garage, we finished mudding and painting the last side.  We also picked up shelves and will be organizing it this weekend.  I hadn’t blogged about it yet as I was wanting a “big reveal” blog but hey then I found this list.

I was also keeping the KICKSTART for the Schmee at the top for a few days!  I just checked on it and saw my big brother’s name on there right near mine.  🙂

According to this list we have planting and sorting the garage left.  We nixed the drip irrigation system that’s why it’s not crossed off.  We do have a spot for a vegetable garden picked out and that is probably next as I saw some lettuce and veggie starts and was swooning.

Finish dry walling
Get cabinets
Mount cabinets

Toolshed with cinder block base see below
Demo n level
Cinder block
Build toolshed

Front yard
Remove pine tree? Must be trimmed if not removed
[] Design
[] demo
[] hard scape
[] planting
[] drip irrigation

Back yard
Demo for toolshed
Remove tree trunk, fix fence
Privacy fence
Demo and grade for vegetable garden
[] design
[] demo
[] hard scape
[] planting
[] drip irrigation

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