On the Spot

Yesterday was the Christmas party at work.  I really was not looking forward to this event as but I went, playing nice in the sandbox and all.

I walked in and was happy to see Marrisa the woman I am covering her maternity leave.  She is due back in three weeks and it was good to see her.  Everyone was in their little groups of co-worker friends and I felt even more out-of-place then I do at work.  I headed outside just to look at the water and birds in the marina and was not quite having a panic attach but I really did not want to go back in.

I texted Lori for a bit and was watching a heron when Marrisa came out to talk.  We stood there talking about all the changes that have taken place since her leave.  I also told her they have been mentioning an offer but I am hoping for a different job.  She understood why I was outside and said she often feels out-of-place with that crowd.

I went inside and used one of my two drink tickets and found a place to sit.  Not much of the yummy looking food I could eat so I stuck with roasted veggies.

After a couple of games were played and the ugly sweater contest the CEO made a couple of speeches.  The last one was to pull out an envelope and in front of all of these people who don’t really talk to me much, offer me a position.

Nothing like a little pressure.  I folded it, put it in my pocket and used my second drink ticket.  I have until Wednesday to give them an answer.  I will be using every minute of that time to weigh all of my options.

2 Responses to “On the Spot”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Omg, what a weird way to do that! If you want to talk, text me and I’ll find a time to break away from conf stuff and call you.

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