Water Feature

photo(252)Another project completed.  This one was a bit more challenging.

We bought the vase last spring and slowly assembled parts.  The biggest decision and cost was the solar panel and pump kit.  Lori worked on digging in the basin and getting it all set up.  We had it running for a moment before setting the battery to “charge” and by the next day the vase was empty.  A slow leak past the fitting.

We took it apart and fixed it with plumbing epoxy and it actually leaked out faster.  Options and ideas were discussed and the next thing we tried was spray bed liner.  This is the rubber liner for truck beds that comes in a can like spray paint.  Lori did an extra layer of silicone as well.

That was a couple of weeks ago and once it was all set back up and filled we turned it on and well……the transformer that changes solar power to battery would not hold a charge and would not stay on to even run the pump just during solar hours.

So……we bought a pump that runs on grid power.   We also bought an outdoor extension cord and a roll of camouflage duct tape to cover he bright yellowness of it.  We took the entire thing apart…again.

It is now back together, plugged into the house currently through the front door and it is quite lovely.

photo(253)  photo(254)  photo(255)

2 Responses to “Water Feature”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Looks great! What an attractive addition to your front yard.

  2. -br Says:

    Lovely, no sight at all in the pic of the outdoor extension cord or camouflage duct tape, I bet the neighbors think you have a natural spring, you guys are good.

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