Pre-Christmas weekend

photo(1)No time for blogging this weekend, or even thinking of blogging.  It’s Christmas and I was scurrying around the mall….oh wait no I wasn’t and haven’t been anywhere near a shopping center of any kind.  My dear friend Katherine flew down to LA on Friday evening.

I drove to the beachy little cottage-esque duplex she rented just a block from Venice Beach on Friday night and we visited and walked to get dinner.  I went back on Saturday and we walked along the beach in the sun and sand then along the boardwalk watching people and having lunch.   We hung out at her place for the afternoon and filled each other in on what we’ve missed the last few months.  We met up that evening with her brother, niece, two of her friends and Lori for dinner in Santa Monica.

Sunday I drove out to Venice and picked her up and brought her to the house to see our garden we put so much work in and our little house.  Then the three of us drove up to Huntington Garden and walked around for several hours before heading back to Venice Beach for a very yummy dinner.

Merry Christmas indeed.

One Response to “Pre-Christmas weekend”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Best weekend in a very long time. Thank you for spending it with me!

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