I am in a nearly empty office on Christmas eve, blogging because there is no one here and nothing to do.  To get in the “Christmas” mood I have Mary J Blige’ new Christmas CD playing on my iPad.

I splurged on two cd’s this month this one and the surprise release of Beyoncé.  Books and music always find a way into my budget.

Traffic on the way to work was non-existent.  I have mentioned I leave the house giving myself an hour to get the 13 miles or so, most times I am 15 to 20 minutes early.  Today I stopped for tea and still had 35 minutes to sit in the truck and read.  I am sure it has picked up (traffic that is) now that people are out doing last-minute shopping.  One of my co-workers needed to take today off because he still hadn’t shopped for his wife and was crazy stressed yesterday.  Other then stopping at Trader Joes for groceries on my way home I haven’t any plans to be anywhere near the last-minute rush.

Tomorrow we were planning on going to a movie but now we have an invite for dinner at family of Lori’s.  We picked up Farkle to take with us.  We play when my family is together, we might as well get her family addicted to the game as well.  It is just such an easy game for however many people and they can add in or drop off whenever.

Sleeping in (till at least 7) and a leisurely morning/afternoon are on the schedule for tomorrow as well.

2 Responses to “EVEnts”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Oops!! If you planned on sleeping in til 7. Then why did you post this at 5:12? Same here. I looked over out of bed to see a little face looking at me ready to read! It was about 5 as well. Several stories later, Santa left books in her stocking — her first “Santa” experience — don’t think she really thinks it was Santa. Anyway, finished the books, she is now watching a video freeing me up to check my e-mail.
    Have a WONDERFUL day.

    • V_Lo Says:

      Have a wonderful Christmas, through the eyes of a child is the way to go!

      I didn’t blog this morning in fact slept in until 7:30. The subscription people get an email every morning if there is something new but the post went up yesterday.

      I hope your day is grand!

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