Christmas (lack of) Photos

I charged my camera battery on Tuesday night so I could take it on our rounds during Christmas and get photos.  After sleeping in(!) and making a leisurely breakfast we headed out about 11:00 am to go visit friends and family.  We were half way to the first stop to see my friend Renee when I realized I forgot the camera.

I wanted Lori and Renee to meet and Renee was working so we stopped by ‘her’ Starbucks.  She was actually on her lunch break outside on the phone so I jokingly tamped my foot waiting for her and then photobombed her phone call.  I told her I was putting it on my blog so she made me take a second one because she didn’t like the first.

We then went to see Lori’s friend Bethany and took the kids some presents.  We sat and visited for a couple of hours and headed out as they were setting up for dinner.  I did not get any photos of the girls playing or any photos at all as my phone was in my bag stashed by the door.

Off to Orange county to have dinner with family.  We took the Farkle game and a bunch of us played outside at the table while Mark smoked ham and made dinner.  After we all ate dinner we played another game called Sequence that was great fun.  More Farkle and then off to home and yes….without a single photo.

After a busy day of visiting we came home and read the Christmas cards we got each other and sat in bed reading.  A great Christmas day, even without photos.


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