Last Weekend of 2013

The last weekend of 2013 was rather low-key.  Awesomely low-key in fact.  We have worked hard on the house and yard this year and weekends are usually packed with projects.  This one however was just kind of hanging out in our completed projects and enjoying them.

The weekend started early as we had dinner reservations in West Hollywood at 8:45 with friends.  Flo and Celeste were down staying with Flo’s brother.  We had not seem them since they visited us up in Washington, August of 2012 so it was a great catch up.  We got home about midnight and went right to bed as that is way past bed time, but what I like about going out on Friday nights is that it makes the weekend seem longer.

Saturday we did one of our exercise DVD’s then I made breakfast and we enjoyed it outside at our free table and chairs.  I watered the garden and then did laundry while reading and listening to music and spent nearly the entire day on the deck.  I went in when it got cooler.  Lori spent the day studying for her state licensing test (that she took today and passed!)  We did rally and go meet Jan for dinner but even with that were in bed reading quite early.

Sunday was pretty much the same routine, exercise DVD, breakfast then Lori studied outside while I watched football.  We headed to the grocery store just as the SeaHawks were starting.  Since I didn’t get the game anyway Taylor sent me updates all afternoon.

Except for test anticipation, it was an extremely low-key and enjoyable weekend.  A fantastic end to 2013.

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