New Years and Eve

I have a long standing theory about New Years Eve.  To sum it up, basically what you are doing on New Years and New Years Eve is how you will spend the year.

This theory was born twenty-three years ago.  Shelly, Brian and I had spent several new year eves together but in 1991 we all had different plans.  Shelly went to a movie with her friend Wendell, Brian had a date, and I babysat for the Ettelstiens who paid me an insane rate for the six hours of $150.00 bucks.

That year I got the job with Merrill was crazy busy, made lots of money and spent the year not hanging out much with Brian and Shelly.

So with that theory now explained here is how we spent our New Years Eve and New Years.  I worked on New Years day, when I got off work early Lori and I went on nearby hike.  I also spent a good deal of time on a really good book.

New Years day we worked on the back yard project.  We got a load of gravel and started planning out pathways.  We also sat down to plan out the goals for the year,  both project wise and life goals.  Everything from health care directives to the joint savings account we opened for our travel account.

Happy 2014 everyone, it’s looking like a good year!  And now we have this nearby hike that Lori located!

So for other New Year theory and tradition, I am off to make my black eyed peas and collard greens for dinner.

photo 1

3 Responses to “New Years and Eve”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Oh no, I hope your theory does not work on me! I went to bed early with a head cold! Hope I will not be sick all year! There are little workers in my sinusus working very hard. I am trying to stay ahead of them with boxes of tissues!
    But we DID share our black eyed peas with ham and cornbread with the group at Liberty Cafe’. There was some talk there the day before and several had not heard of that tradition — so we took a pot of the peas, a big container of cornbread, some plastic cups and spoons. Everyone at LC that is a regular should have very good luck! Came home with empty containers. (But it didn’t work for the Standford team! John got his masters there and of course was yelling for them.)
    P.S. Great looking trail! Happy New Year! See you soon.

  2. Katherine Says:

    I’ve had too many NYE/NYD alone to accept your theory out of hand. My NYE was spent gimping around the home front with a seized up back. I’m not spending the rest of the year in an epsom salt bath though. I’ll interpret your theory in this light: I’ll be taking care of myself as I need to for the rest of the year, even if that means turning down invitations to appear somewhere in a glittery dress. I did have blackeyed peas, cornbread, and steamed kale for lunch on New Year’s Day though. My back and I need all the luck we can get. Plus it was taaaasty!

  3. Welcome 2015 | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] working on projects, watching mythbusters and reading this year.  If you haven’t heard my “theory” in the past it is what you are doing on New Years Eve/New Years Day is how you will spend your […]

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