It’s all coming together

I no longer work at the temp job.  It was a very strange yet satisfying week there.  Work was super slow because so many people were on vacation the beginning of the week and then the last two days there was more work but sporadic as people were getting up and running after the new year.

I got to work yesterday to a lovely thank you card and Starbucks.  Also a lovely little terrarium with succulents in it…..until I realized, they were all plastic plants and made in china, sold at target.  I actually don’t know if the very nice woman who bought it knew it was a plastic plant.

I also got a call from the CEO, he told me I was well-regarded and appreciated and if my new job didn’t work out that with my work ethic I had a job there.  It was very nice to hear.

I have a nice long weekend, then a drug test on Tuesday afternoon and I fly out Wednesday afternoon.  My brother is picking me up on Wednesday and nothing else is planned except hanging out with him.

Thursday is the very busy day at this point.  Linda is picking me up and we are going to coffee.  Hopefully I will get to see Janice and Don as well.  She is going to take me by City Hall so I can see some friends, I already checked in with a few.  Thursday evening I am going to dinner with Toyna and Briana.  Also on Thursday Della, Brock, Amber and Taylor are driving down after work.  It will be a full house as my friend Elizabeth that I haven’t seen in nearly two years is driving up from Oregon.  It will be a full house!

Friday will be hanging out with the family and visiting.  This will move into Saturday and I will actually get to watch the first playoff game for the Hawks.  After that I am meeting with Katherine to visit and go to a move.  Sunday I fly back home for the orientation of the new job to start on Monday.

One Response to “It’s all coming together”

  1. canyon cottage Says:

    Best of luck with the new job. That’s a great way to start the year. Thanks for sticking with me all this time. Have a great trip.

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