24 hour flu

Well technically it wasn’t the flu because influenza typically doesn’t cause vomiting or diarrhea.  But that is exactly what yesterday consisted of.  My stomach started cramping around 3:00 am and at first I tried to figure out if I had eaten any wheat.  But that was quite apparent it was more than that.  I barely left the couch all day.  Lori went and picked up Imodium, ginger ale, pedialyte, gatorade and coke.  I was able to keep down a banana, ice chips and some flattened coke.

I watched football in between bathroom trips and tried to stay hydrated.  All while Lori dug out part of the yard and put in a new step, increasing our little patio by several feet.

But today I was well enough to unload the gravel we picked up on Saturday.  Except for a little gut grumbling, I would never know I was down yesterday.







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