Today I had an appointment that was to go over my HR paperwork, drug screening and TB test.  Except I wont be here in 48 hours to have the TB test results checked.  The RN that was facilitating my drug screen and health history was going through my immunization background.  Most of which I had no answers or history for.  I had by blood pressure checked, eyes checked, pee’d in a cup for the drug screening and was offered a flu shot.  I haven’t had a flu shot in 30 years.  The last flu shot I got was when I worked at Radar Electric and within a week I had a terrible flu.  Probably just coincidence but I have used that as a reason to never ever do that again.

I didn’t have to accept the shot.  If I end up working in parts of the hospital with patients I would just have to wear a mask.  With that and the fact that my niece was in the ER last night until 3 a.m. and officially has N1H1 flu, I decided to acquiesce and got the flu shot.

After the health screening I moved along to the HR paperwork.  Most of which I had filled in and brought with me.  Received my employee handbook and was sent to another building for a physical.  This is the first Dr. I have seen in over four years.  He had me squeeze my hands to check for carpel tunnel. He then listened to my lungs, my heart, looked in my ears, put his hand around my throat and had me swallow to check my thyroid.  Then I layed down and he felt my liver and spleen as I exhaled.  The last task was to squat and walk across the room kinda like a duck….this was to test my balance.  My next stop was to do a weight test…..however they would not let me take it in the shoes I was in.  I had to have tennis shoes.  However I can’t attend the orientation next week without having the physical complete.  Off to see the phlebotomist.

I had my blood drawn so they can check for what immunizations I may (probably) need.  I then went home, changed clothes and went back for the weight test.  First I had to do 10 deep knee bends.  Then lift a ten pound box from a shelf, move it to a lower shelf and put it down by squatting and then back.  Twenty pounds were added and I repeated the task.  Twenty more pounds were added and I lifted the 50 pound box, moved it to a lower shelf, squatted to put it down, picked it back up and put it on the original shelf.  Then came the push-pull test.  In the hall was a metal contraption with fifty pounds of weights on it.  I pushed it down the hall on the carpet, then turned around and pulled it behind my back to the original spot.

All of this took four hours but I’m Done!  Except for TB test I need to take at 7:30 on Monday morning before my orientation starts.

3 Responses to “Shot”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Wow, is this the National Football league? Is this a normal procedure for a job, or is this just the job you are planning on doing?

  2. canyon cottage Says:

    Squats are out for me, my knees are shot! Exciting to start a new job. Glad you are better and it was only the 24 hour bug. Stay well.

  3. -br Says:

    sending positive healing thoughts for your niece, stay healthy

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