I got up early this morning and packed for my weekend trip. After my full day in HR yesterday Lori and I went out for sushi and when we got home I had very important things I wanted to get done before I left. Mainly making food for Lori.

I made a large pan of black bean, fire roasted chilies and corn enchiladas. A pot of saffron rice and most importantly an apple and blueberry pie.



However packing for four days didn’t take but a moment and soon after breakfast we were off for the airport. The plane ride was event free. I spent the flight with my nose is a book, one of hose “fast-food” numbers that is easy to wade into, isn’t too deep and easy to stash the second half of the book for the flight home.

When the flight came over the city and we dropped below the rain clouds and into the rain I got a good view If the space needle, the city and holy moly the trees. We’re there always this many? I mean I do refer to it as the mountain house but the whole city is a damn forest. Something I’ve always known but hadn’t seen for six months.

My brother picked me up, I cuddle with his dog Spyder all the way home. We spent the next several hours standing in the kitchen visiting. We went up the street for a late lunch/early dinner then came back to the mountain home and stood upstairs visiting for the next several hours.

After this iPad attempt at blogging I’m heading to bed as I have an early morning date with Linda…..

2 Responses to “Arrived”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Linda is up early (dogs had to go out) but is going back to bed for a while.
    I will be at your WA place at 8:30, I hope.

  2. -br Says:

    welcome back to the pacific northwest

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