“Wow, you used to be popular”

My friend Elizabeth that was coming up yesterday cancelled. She decided to stay where she is for now. I was not completely surprised. It also made scheduling last nights dinner easier as I had no deadline to meet.

My sister and nieces who were coming down also had to cancel. Amber is still to sick to come down and in fact not well enough to be alone. Getting to the bathroom alone requires an inhaler and Della had been with her most of the week. Today because Taylor was home with Amber, Della was able to go to work and try to catch up.

This cleared out the visiting schedule for Thursday night, all day Friday and Saturday morning/afternoon. So today while I was still in my pajamas at noon(ish) just hanging with my brother Dale and our apparent lack of a plan is when he says “Wow, you used to be popular.”

We had a good laugh. At least I had showered and got dressed before my nephew and his girl showed up unexpected. We all visited for a while and after they departed Dale took me to dinner at Mango Thai. It was quite early as we were done and out of there at 5:00 pm.

Street clothes are over rated and I was in my yoga pants and sweatshirt within minutes of getting home and back to visiting with Dale and watching tv.

One would think with a free day and a ton of projects that I could have worked on the house. Honestly it is just to cold and wet and now I am rethinking the winter trips being used for projects at all.

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